Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interviews with and The Monkey Bible

The Monkey Bible Project. I had the fortunate experience of working with a wonderful young woman named Jaime Williams who is making a documentary in support of a book called The Monkey Bible. Jaime and her talented video friend William came to my home and shot Episode 1 of her upcoming film. The Monkey Bible is a book 10 years in the making by an author named Mark Laxer. It is a modern allegory about a young boy, very religious, who discovers some documents in his father's attic about an experiment involving his mother where her fetus was injected with primate DNA. He is consumed with this thought and wonders if he can still go to heaven now or it God loves him less because of his close relation to chimps. So he goes on a journey of dicovery..trying to resolve his spirituality with his new reverence for science.

The mission of the book is shifting "the line" between the camps of religion and science with the overall effect of increasing respect for biodiversity and protecting habitats. The book has moved other artists to make a full length musical CD and a staged performance to accompany the book. Jaime came out several times to talk with me and film my 4 English Shire draft horses. She has dedicated the first episode to Hercules, who died one week after our last filming and is featured alot in the film. You can watch our episode on http://vimeo.com14269093. You can learn more about Jaime and her project at and can email Jaime at

Another great experience was being interviewed by Jennifer Dean who operates a wonderful website called Her website is dedicated to cats and stories about cats. Every Sunday she features an animal communicator. You can check out the interviews by going to I was featured July 29th and my interview is The website is really well worth looking at and you will find alot of great reading about cats.

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