Monday, April 2, 2012



The girls are gone. I came home last night from my business class around 6:30 pm and it was very quiet in the barn. I went out to close the door behind Rocket because he likes to eat his dinner in a closed space - and then I saw this. No blood. No feathers scattered around. Just a silent death. Who could have done this?!! We think the foxes. But why would they kill and not eat? I could understand if they needed to eat, I cant' understand just killing for nothing. The two girls, Miss Wyandott and Miss Arucana, had just laid eggs this morning and they were best friends. At least they died side by side.

Later on we came out and two of the bodies had been dragged out under the fence. Time to get the electric turned on again. I so miss their coos at night coming up on the branches of their coop and getting settled in. I learned from them that one cannot merely "go to bed" must get settled first, chat a bit about the day, coo about it and what you appreciated about all the tidbits you'd gleaned and then, settle in. I never really knew how much I loved chickens until I had the girls and now, that they've gone. Tonight I'll settle in with a bit more cooing.

Pete's Noble Nose

Well, it's first of April and a very warm one at that for us Vermonters. I have to share with you the most amazing event with my main man Pete. This is a picture of Pete with his nose sliced 8 inches, the top went in about 1/2 inch.

Here's the story - my new employee, Sally, is amazing. She loves the horses, hasn't had a huge amount of experience with horses, but is "a natural". Three weeks ago we were hauling slabwood for the sugaring house and she had some sawdust go in her eye and had to file for an accident insurance. (Note: #1). One week later, we were working with the tractor and the bucket fell on her leg. (Note: #2) Arnica, ice, Rescue Remedy, elevated leg, later.....very little trauma and she's back.

"So, we say. Accidents happen in threes - please, Sally , just stub your toe or something". So last Friday we were out working Pete and Rocket and Sally was taking off Pete's harness. He bent down to eat some hay off the floor and when he came up he sliced open his nose on the metal cap of the stall. ( Note: #3). Didn't bleed very much but was hugely traumatic. It's an 8 inch slice down his nose - like I took an exacto blade and cut in 1/4 inch or more down the bridge of his nose.

Long story short. I "got it" yesterday morning. Pete took the hit for the 3rd accident for Sally, which would have been huge. He took it out of loyalty and love for me and what I stand for and what I work for - not the fussy "I luv you" kind of stuff, but the incredible "this is why we are here" kind of stuff. When I got it, I went over to the stall where he was with tears streaming down my face in all my humbleness and appreciation for what these incredible Beings do for us.

I'm still processing how this all integrates in our barn here - some things more profound than others and yet - thank God everyone is healing/healed/happy/joyous and full of life.

With loving light,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Well, I have to admit I'm not a very good blogger. Haven't posted a thing since the beginning of the year. How time flies. I HAVE sent out my email newsletter though, end of Feb. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to get my newsletter please let me know!

There is so much fascinating information to absorb coming from all directions, don't you agree? The internet, Facebook, Twitter and on and on not to mention workshops, seminars. Makes my head spin. It can be overwhelming. I welcome the respite of the barn and just listening to the horses munch hay with no radio on. Today I was reading a post from my healing friend Laura Malfa in NY and I thought I'd include something she wrote I work on a lot myself. It's about coming from a place of love starting with yourself . I often find it easier to come from a place of love for someone else rather than for myself. Namaste to all. Cathy

It’s all about me?

27 Feb 2012 3 Comments

by onehearthealing in Uncategorized

If I want to change the world; I have to change how I relate to the world. If I want something in my life to shift the only thing I can shift is myself. How I engage my energy in any given situation or circumstance is the only thing I really have any control over. In Buddhism, there is an understanding that we have a part in creating everything and all circumstances in our lives; thats the good news and the bad news. The good news is: I can have an influence on any situation that I face. The bad news is, yes, I am responsible for what is in my life.

Since I have a profound influence on the world around me, I decided to focus todays meditation on loving kindness towards myself and my body. Every time a felt an area of tension creep up on me I sent love to that area. When my mind drifted off into thinking I gently invited myself to come back to my breath. Afterwards, I felt deep gratitude for my body that has tirelessly supported me throughout my entire life.

Changing how I treat myself is critical to shifting anything in my life. Finding those hidden pockets of harshness towards myself and opening to greater compassion will always strengthen my energy. Coming from the best in myself, when I am assessing my behavior or taking stock, rather than from a place of criticism. You might be surprised to find that being more compassionate might bring with it an opportunity for profound healing, release and opening to something new.

Good luck and be kind!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Yippee, it's finally here. A whole new year to celebrate all we learned from 2011 and let go of everything we don't need to hang on to. Whew. I'm grateful to be moving forward with a spring in my step and lots to look forward to. My New Year ritual is to spend a lot of time in my journal, noting the significant things that happened in the past year and setting my intentions for the new. Normally I have a few pages of things I want to do in the new year - places to go, people to meet, classes to take, old habits and patterns to let go of. This year however I found my list was a lot shorter than previous years and finally I wrote: I just want to let go and allow the space for Universe to bring to me what I need to be happy and joyful.

Last year I learned a lot about surrendering and letting go. Am I a pro at it? No. But I am a lot better at noticing when I'm resisting and fighting myself. This year I'm focusing on being present with gratitude. I've found that when I am truly present in the moment, looking around me with appreciation and gratitude that I'm happy. WOW!

I love this tree. It's an old oak tree - there aren't very many oak trees here in Vermont. Not like the ones in NY or Chicago. I love passing by this tree and letting myself be received by the heart chakra energy in the trunk. It's amazing. Winter is a wonderful time to appreciate the magnificence of tree trunks. Bark patterns. The shape of trees against the white snow or the cold blue winter sky.

It's finally turned frigid here. We still haven't had any snow where I live and people are starting to feel a bit uneasy. At this point in winter we're used to complaining about how much snow we have and starting to think about trips to warmer climates ! I finally put blankets on "the boys" who seemed appreciative. It was too cold to work them today.

I received a great email from a fellow animal communicator, Nedda Wittels, who sent her wishes for the New Year and I wanted to share a few with you because they are so appropriate for the spirit of 2012:

May you find Peace within.
May you remember the infinite possibilities that are always available to you in each and every moment of your life.
May you easily reach inside to yourself to find your inner courage and share it with others in your life.
May your inner splendor radiate out into the world, creating harmony and spreading joy wherever you are, wherever you go.
May you have faith in your own Divine Self.
May you respond to life's challenges with the full knowledge that you are Divine and that each challenge before you has your very own power within it.
May you go forth into 2012 with the certainty that all your dreams can be and will be fulfilled.

Wishing everyone a very blessed year. I'm so looking forward to what Universe will dream up for me now that I am open and allowing it to happen ! I'll keep you posted - that's one of my New Year intentions, to be a lot more present on my blog!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Join Cathy Wells' teleclass
on the Animal Communicator
Forum onWednesday,
November 16 !

I'm thrilled to be having this class at 2:00 pm EST. The topic is
"Expanding Your Horizons with Tellington TTouch". You'll learn what Tellington TTouch is all about, we'll explore how TTouch can expand your perceptions of your animals, discover how changes made on the emotional and mental levels are grounded and stabilized on the physical level and much more. Just go to the Animal Communicator Forum website and register - you'll get the phone number to call in. I would love to have you join me and participate! The monthly classes on this forum are amazing and I've personally gained alot of new information and insight from listening to them.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


We just spent a wonderful day today out with the horses and the dogs. Soaking up whatever sun managed to come through the clouds and reveling in the quiet. Can't believe January 2011 is almost gone already. It's been quite the month. A divorce for me - I was in Barbados on the 10th of this month listening to the ocean and getting a divorce after 25 years of marriage. We seem to be zooming around in all dimensions - physically, emotionally and spiritually. This year I'm focusing on getting my business off the ground and getting "really serious" - haha, whatever that means. It's kind of fun giving myself permission to be a serious business woman as well as a challenge to think that I of all people have something amazing to share with this world. I've always shared, just haven't put it out there for a lot of others to see. But why not? My gifts were given to me to share with this world, not keep inside a locked box. So hello 2o11. Time to get myself familiar with the computer, send out email newsletters, get my life organized into some neat categories so I know where to turn when the need arises. Time to shine with all the light I have in me.

One year ago yesterday I had the serious accident with the horses and busted my knee. What a catalyst that was for a life change. Still had a full crew of construction guys around building our house and they filled in for me taking care of the horses. Little did I know it started a major shift in my life. Wonder why it always seems it takes a major trauma to get the Universal point across.

I'm excited about this year. Have a product in mind that will be awesome that I'm working on with my friend Marna. Will be conversing with the big cat council this year along with two amazing horse wisewomen - stay tuned for some additional pages on my website. Looking forward to touching base with a lot of amazing Beings I've worked with for the past 9 years.

I'm also going to share with all of you this amazing community of lightworkers that are spreading a new vibration for our Dear Mother Earth and I hope you will share back. Check out these websites and blogs:

Sending out to this amazing planet of ours and to you alot of gratitude, love, joy, peace and reverence.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello 2011! Starting out with good press

The Boys and I got some really great press in the new year in the Shelburne News, our local paper. Just wanted to share. 2011 is a year to celebrate ourselves - we did alot of work in 2010 and we need to congradulate ourselves and each other on a lot of lessons learned. Lots of changes happening, lots of upheaval and lots of coming AT LAST to a place of vision, clarity and guts to walk our talk and live our truth. Congradulations. It's really an exciting year ahead. I tried to download the newspaper article but it didn't go through. Sigh. I'm not a computer expert. Trust me, it was a great article. I'll download my favorite picture from the article - it's all four of the boys lined up with expectations. Happy New Year to all.

My new years resolution is to become a blog babe and enter into the cyberspace realm as long as it feeds my soul and doesn't overwhelm me. That shouldn't be hard considering I'm all energetic vibrations anyway - just have to figure out how to download.

Love, light, blessings for the New Year. And - peace, gratitude, joy and reverence.