Monday, April 2, 2012



The girls are gone. I came home last night from my business class around 6:30 pm and it was very quiet in the barn. I went out to close the door behind Rocket because he likes to eat his dinner in a closed space - and then I saw this. No blood. No feathers scattered around. Just a silent death. Who could have done this?!! We think the foxes. But why would they kill and not eat? I could understand if they needed to eat, I cant' understand just killing for nothing. The two girls, Miss Wyandott and Miss Arucana, had just laid eggs this morning and they were best friends. At least they died side by side.

Later on we came out and two of the bodies had been dragged out under the fence. Time to get the electric turned on again. I so miss their coos at night coming up on the branches of their coop and getting settled in. I learned from them that one cannot merely "go to bed" must get settled first, chat a bit about the day, coo about it and what you appreciated about all the tidbits you'd gleaned and then, settle in. I never really knew how much I loved chickens until I had the girls and now, that they've gone. Tonight I'll settle in with a bit more cooing.

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